Just a note to say that Deb and I, along with Michael Matteoni and Beth Marshall, arrived home from South Africa around 2 p.m. yesterday. We are very tired from 24 hours of flying, but had an excellent and healthy time with our missionaries, Rod and Lori Kraybill and their youngest daughter, Anissa.

Rod and Lori serve God well and represent Immanuel well in the work they do. We got a good overview of their work, not just in South Africa, but throughout the African continent. We visited many of the townships around the area of Johannesburg, including the Soweto district where the rebellion against apartheid began. We visited a daycare center for children, talked and prayed with AIDS patients and attended church where Rod and Lori are involved. (I got to speak there last Sunday). We also painted Rod’s offices that are used by four staff members.

We had a great experience and I believe were a real encouragement to the Kraybill family. We were the first church to visit them on this field.

A few prayer requests:

  1. Their physical safety. Crime is very high in the area.
  2. The need for a Senior Pastor in their church. They church has been without for one for four years.
  3. The need for a new worker to fill an upcoming office vacancy — a key position.
  4. Rod and Lori’s parenting of three girls- two away at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya, and one (Anissa) still at home.

For those of you who knew and remembered we were gone and prayed … thank you.

– Pastor Joe

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