Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today our group visited Soweto, S. Africa where the student uprising to end apartheid began. A very sad story, that led to the death of over 800, but one that brought eventual freedom and equality for black South Africans.
Where was I in 1976 when this happened?
I was in my little American bubble.
Unless we are intentional, we can be very insulated from world events. Once again, God has challenged me to read world events to stay aware of the things God is doing in His world.
Thank you, World Outreach Team, for keeping the world on our radar!
I’m going to read “Long Walk to Freedom” by Nelson Mandela.
Please pray for me as I preach tomorrow at church.
Joe for the Fab Four.


Sunday, October 21, 202

It’s been a wonderful day in Johannesburg. Our team attended church with the Kraybills at Grace Baptist Church. It’s a smaller congregation with a big heart for others.

Rod introduced Pastor Joe to the congregation, who challenged the church with a message from Acts 2.

I was invited to join the worship team as a vocalist.

After service we attended a luncheon sponsored by the Caring Ministry (Lori is one of the leaders). This ministry does outreach by giving food parcels & donated clothing to those who have come to South Africa seeking a better life but are still struggling.

I met the Mabee family who have emigrated from Zimbabwe.

He is a trained security officer but has not found a job in this field, and he is supporting his wife and 2 sons, ages 6 and 2, by doing odd jobs. This family has been blessed by the gifts of the Caring Ministry. It was a joy to hear their story and realize how the church is ministering to them.

Thank you for your prayers for our team and our time with Rod and Lori. We’ve gotten to know them on a deeper level and learn more specifics of how God is using them in missions.

Beth, for the team

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