Greetings from Johannesburg!!

We’ve had a good & safe trip to Johannesburg.  It was wonderful to see Rod’s warm smile to greet our team after clearing customs. All the planning had become a reality at that moment: we were in Johannesburg!!  A quick ride to the house & we again were warmly welcomed by Lori. This trip is helping us get to know the Kraybills on a deeper & more personal level.  Today (Wednesday) has been friends visiting with friends. Deb & Beth joined Lori for the women’s Bible study in the morning; Rod, Joe and Michael attended the men’s study in the evening. It’s been very comfortable as we been together, asking questions to get to know one another better. We’ve not been at a loss for words or topics!!  There’s been jokes & laughter and everyone helping out to make meals & clean up – just as you’d expect.

When Anissa (Grade 6) came home from school this afternoon, she was pleased to show us the tricks their 2 dogs can do.  And she & Deb played on the Wii til bedtime – both of them had a blast and begged “just one more song!”

We’ve been with Kraybills less than 24 hours yet it’s like being with long-time friends. After traveling over 3 continents in 19 hours, there’s nothing better.

Praising God for His world-wide Family,

Joe & Deb, Beth and Michael

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Johannesburg

  1. Hey guys!! glad that you arrived safely and that you are getting a glimpse of life with the Kraybills. Give them a hug from the Davis fam 🙂

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