A Mission Team will be visiting our mission staff Rod & Lori Kraybill and family in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The team of Pastor Joe and Deb Boerman, Beth Marshall and Michael Matteoni will leave on Mon., October 15 and return on Wed., October 24, representing Immanuel Church and World Outreach.

Encouragement will be this team’s focus.  What does encouragement look like?  Being with the Kraybills, having good conversation to get to know one another on a deeper level, painting the mission office, sharing meals together, playing games, having devotional times & praying together, sharing stories of how God is working in their lives as individuals, a family in the community and in ministry.  Each team member has been uniquely gifted & desires to be used by God during this visit.

The South Africa team would covet your prayers as they travel many miles, for health & safety, to quickly acclimate to the 8 hour time zone difference, and this visit would be time well spent, rich with laughter & fun and encouragement which would  truly bless the Kraybill family.

Want to go to South Africa, too?

While we can’t send everyone in the Immanuel family to the Kraybills, our team will be bringing those of us stateside pieces of their lives while there. They will be sharing stories about how God is working in the Kraybills’ lives as well as how they see Him at work during the trip!

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