In May, Rose and Bulus Galadima and their son Atu, left their native land of Nigeria and to come and spend the next year as staff at Immanuel. In Nigeria the Galadima’s are serving with Entrust 4 Ministries. Bulus is the provost of Jos Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) and Rose works as a professor there. Together they disciple and train young pastors and their wives.

Even though they lived here many years ago, it was difficult to adjust to life in the States. Their son, Atu, started high school this year at Warren. What a change going from a school of 250 students to a Freshman class of 1,000! Atu loves playing soccer and attending Immanuel’s youth ministries and has quickly made many friends.

During the next year the Galadima’s will be on staff at Immanuel where they will be involved with small group and will also be participating in VP3. They will also have many opportunities to visit their other children, all of whom live in the States. They are very excited to spend time with their new granddaughter, Naomi.

Please pray:

  • For their older children living in the States.
  • For God’s grace to be with our mothers and family in Nigeria.
  • For adjusting to life in the States.
  • For Atu as he adjust to high school and making new friends.
  • That God will grant us rest.
  • That we will be able to take care of the health concerns we need to take care of while we are there.
  • That God will renew our vision and passion for the ministry in Nigeria and open our eyes to whatever he wants to do through us in the coming years.

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